Medal of Honour Allied Assault
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Medal of Honour - Allied Assault +15 T(Teen)


Medal of Honour - Allied Assault follows the story of a fictional character named Lieutenant Mike Powell, member of the famed 1st Ranger Battalion. With him you'll battle through 20 + levels based on historical World War II conflicts from Africa to France, even into the heart of Germany itself. The game also includes dozens of World War II weapons and vehicles used by both the Allied and Axis Armies.

Similar in many regards to Return to CastleWolfenstein, this game is distinctly different. To begin with is the D-Day mission. When the doors to your transport open up, complete chaos surrounds you. Many are reminded of the opening scenes from Saving Private Ryan, it is that chaotic. Traveling from your boat to the safety of some shore line shelter is no easy chore.

Multiplayer Mode:

Multiplayer for Allied Assault leaves a little something to be desired, and must be launched through Game Spy if you want to play with people over the Internet. For those World War II history buffs looking for some great realism you'll find it in Allied Assault from the weapons and vehicles all the way to the uniforms.

Game modes

  • Medal of Honor: Allied Assault contains four multiplayer modes, each with their own distinct goals and gameplay styles:
  • Free for All - This is basically every-man-for-himself deathmatch. No teams, no special goals, just a battlefield of chaos as everyone fights each other. It may not be realistic, but it sure is fun.
  • Team Match - A somewhat more realistic play style, Team Match pits the Allies against the Axis in a large deathmatch contest. The team with the most frags wins
  • Round-Based Match - Think of this play style like a wrestling game. The host chooses a number of "last-man-standing" rounds that the Allies and Axis must play against each other. Whichever team wins the most rounds, wins.
  • Objective-Based Match - A style of play familiar to fans of Counter-Strike, Wolfenstein, or Unreal Tournament's Assault, this mode of gameplay pits the Axis vs. the Allies in a struggle to either achieve or defend a number of objectives, such as blowing up a bridge, defending a rocket base, or destroying a cannon. Rounds can be payed in a last-man-standing mode, or in a timed mode where one team gets to keep respawning in a race against the clock to achieve their objectives.

Game System Requirements

Pentium II 500 MHz or faster processor
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, or Me
4x CD-ROM drive
16 MB OpenGL-capable video card with DirectX 7.0-compatible driver
DirectX 7.0-compatible sound card
Keyboard and mouse

Connecting to MBL COD4 Server

Free for All:

Team Match:
Team Server1:
Team Server2:

How to Join

1. You will need Medal of Honor : Allied Assault (US/UK version) installed in your computer. You need version 1.11 of the game to join the MBL Game Server. Please download the update from the following URL and then follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Unzip the file in a temporary directory (C:\Temp)
  2. Run the “mohaa.reg” file
  3. Run the “MOHAA_UKUS_ONLY_patch111v9safedisk.exe”
  4. Copy the “MOHAA.exe” into the base installation directory of MOHAA installation

Start the game. Go to MULTIPLAYER Menu. Select JOIN GAME the press JOIN INTERNET GAME. Enter the following settings for the game type and then press CONNECT TO IP ADDRESS.

2. DMW Client (Anti-cheat software)

What is DMW Client?

The Client part of the software is absolutely 'free of charge' and when installed on a users home PC it will monitor for any cheats being ran alongside a game or cheats being introduced whilst playing, this will stop players gaining an unfair advantage over other online players and stamp out cheats.

  • It is mandatory for all MOHAA users to download DMW Client from (download section) and also get your self registered with DMW.

  • You should never download DMW software from any other location, unless expressly instructed to do so by DMW or our Support Team.

  • Please note that the software requires live Internet connection to work (regular DSL ID’s). So MBL customers who are playing MOHAA using the FREE gaming account IDs will not be able to join in as these are restricted accounts without Internet connectivity.

Download DMW approved MOHAA Maps

Please note that the below maps are mandatory in order to play MOHAA on 3G2 Pavilion.
  1. Towers
  2. Broken Silence
  3. Snow_Camp
  4. Stalingradsnow
  5. Xfire2v2
  6. Xfire

Game Rating (ESRB): T(Teen) 15+

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