Rules for Playing on 3g2 pavilion

The Rules & Regulations for playing on the MBL 3G2 Pavilion servers apply to both MBL users and to guests.

Cheating: MBL simply will not tolerate cheating. Cheating includes but is not limited to, any alteration of the client side game model, or modifications or additions to the client side MOHAA "main" folder that is not out-of-the-box, or, a) hasn't been mutually agreed upon, or b) that gives an unfair advantage on an open server. Players found to be using cheats will be banned from the MBL 3G2 Pavilion server.

We are fully aware and do take into consideration that not all cheat detection's are cheats, so every detection is verified before action is taken. It must be acknowledged however that if a player triggers a cheat detection, and the detection appears to be valid, we have little choice but to kick and/or ban visitors to the server, and unfortunately expel members. The potential for creating the impression we tolerate cheats on our server, and for causing detection in matches simply can not be permitted. In addition, the MBL does not support the use of its forums or permit accusations in the open server of cheating. If you feel a player is cheating report the player name to Admin ( the matter will be looked into.

Technical Issues: MBL 3G2 Pavilion Servers run 24/7, and the facility is currently in beta phase; hence users can face some problems. If so, please communicate your valued feedback to us. UAN (+92 – 51) 111 11 44 44, Fax: (+92-51) 2274658, E-Mail:

so in case of any technical issues community should inform us at

Server Conduct: The use of foul or abusive language in your game name, in your dialogue in the server, or in the web site forum, accusations of cheating, taunting, team killing, blocking doors, or spaming, is grounds for immediate kick and ban. These rules apply to MBL members and visitors to the MBL 3G2 Pavilion server. The Administrator reserves the right to determine the nature of and to define what constitutes poor conduct. Note that conduct deemed inappropriate is grounds for termination of membership.

Disputes: All disputes and/or grievances of any kind must be submitted by e-mail to Disputes are NOT to be discussed or resolved in open forum, or on the open server.

Kicked and/or Banned: Anyone found in violation of these rules as stated herein is subject to immediate kick and/or ban without notice. Repeat offenders will be banned from the server permanently.

  • On first warning the ban will be for One Week
  • On second warning the ban will be for One Month.
  • On third warning 15 days will be added in to the previous ban or as per Admins/Mods decision (New)
  • Banned user list will be displayer on our gaming forum
  • After the ban time period is over than the player is allowed to play again.
  • A player that was just unbanned has to go through the new member procedure before being allowed to play again on our server
  • Any player found playing while currently serving a ban, will be banned permanently.
  • Any player found cheating for a second time, will be banned permanently.
  • All bans apply to all games hosted at our server
  • Anyone caught cheating in an official competition and ClanBase match, will have the result changed into a forfeit loss. Only games where the cheating occurred will be changed.

Provoking (new added 3-October-2007): Any user found of being provoking other gaming users/players during gameplay, on text chat or on voice chat just to get other user banned will also face the banning but with double penalty as of the normal banning rules.

User Nicks/Clan Name Abuse (new added 3-October-2007): Using other player nicks/clan names during gameplay or on voice server are also not allowed and the user abusing or using other player(s) nicks/clan names will face a first ban for one (1) month and for second complaint the user will be permanently ban from our servers

Appeal Process: Players banned from the server for violations of the rules can submit an e-mail appeal for review. Decisions on appeal rest solely with and at the discretion of MBL 3G2 Pavilion.

Administrator: Reserves the right to alter these rules without notice as needed to preserve the integrity of the clan, its membership, and its guests.

  • For MBL users to play with Free account ID, their DSL account must remain active
  • For non-MBL users they must have a minimum of 500 MB volume in their accounts and with minimum speed of 256 kbps
  • MBL will not be responsible for any loss of volume while playing games at 3G2 Pavilion
  • All the information given during sign up by a customer will not be given to any third party

Your cooperation in making the MBL 3G2 Pavilion server a pleasant gaming experience for everyone is greatly appreciated.

MBL 3G2 Pavilion Team
Let's Break the Silence!

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