Voice Server Utility

3G Square Pavilion team offers a unique value added feature to add thrill into your games.

Teamspeakm is the most popular VOIP (voice over IP) application which allows a person or group to talk to another person or group over Internet. The program easily runs in the background while you play and adds an extra layer of excitement to your clans or single play online gaming experience.

Voice quality and bandwidth usage are fully configurable, allowing even 56k modem users to attain a voice quality that equals or exceeds phone quality. With no limit on your max bandwidth and super low latency, Teamspeak should be at the top of every gamers list of must-haves.

Download Link
You can download the software from this link http://www.goteamspeak.com/index.php?page=downloads (Version

Software Setup

  • Install the Software and Run
  • Go to Connection>Quick Connect
  • Add games.dsl.net.pk in Server Address
  • Add your nick name and press Connect

NOTE: This service will only run if you are MBL customer


Rejoice your gaming experience and break the silence.

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