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World of Warcraft

An Overview & Game Details

The game dynamics have not changed as of the original MBL WOW Arthas.

  • The formula remains the same: get quest, complete objectives, receive experience, rise in level, rinse & repeat. But the world itself is more alive now.
  • The beginning area is full of people, and Blizzard has wisely chosen to combine the areas for characters from the two major factions, Alliance & Horde, to coexist in the same space.
  • The spawn rate of mobs is insanely high, sometimes down to 5 seconds in various spots on the beginning plains. Perhaps the largest change at the new end-game, around level 70, is the introduction of smaller raid instances for 10-25 man groups, rather than the previous epic 40 man requirements.
  • Tier sets have also changed from a random drop rate on specific items to a high-rate of generic drop items for all classes that one converts into specialized armor for your specific class.
  • Brilliant! The days of running Blackwing Lair sixty times to get your headgear are long gone, as one might expect to get your full set within five to ten visits.
  • Two new races are now a part of MBL WOW Arthas. There are the Draenei, opting for the Alliance faction, and the Blood Elves opting for the Horde. The Draenei have been granted the ability to become shaman, a previously Horde-only class, whilst Blood Elves have been given the ability to become paladins, formerly an Alliance-only class.
  • The Burning Crusade received almost universal praise from critics upon release..

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System requirements


  • Windows 2000, Windows Vista or Windows XP
  • Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon 800 MHz
  • 512 MB or more of RAM
  • 32 MB 3D video card with Hardware T&L or better
  • 10.0 GB free HD space
  • 4× CD-ROM drive
  • Broadband internet access


  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or newer
  • 933 MHz or higher G4, or G5, or Intel processor
  • 512 MB RAM or higher
  • ATI or NVIDIA video card with 32 MB Video RAM or more
  • 6.0 GB free HD space
  • 4× CD-ROM drive
  • Broadband internet access

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Connection Settings to MBL WOW Arthas:TBC Server

  • We have a very easy installation; you don't need any PC or WOW Arthas experience!
  • For optimal Gameplay use a fresh WOW Arthas installation!
  • Download and Install all WOW Arthas Patches till 2.4.3 (For WOW Arthas Patch Mirrors visit http://www.wowwiki.com/Patch_mirrors)
  • Locate your "realmlist.wtf" which is usually located in "C:\Program Files\MBL WOW Arthas" and open it with your favorite text editor. Remove everything in there and replace it with ~> set realmlist wow.dsl.net.pk

User Name and Password:

To create your account go to http://wow.dsl.net.pk/wow
Tip: Delete your Cache and WTF folder for the best gameplay experience (optional).

Voice Communication Servers:

MBL Teamspeak Server: games.dsl.net.pk -> for more information http://games.dsl.net.pk/voice_server.php

For Getting Started With the Game:

In-Game Help System! - If you are new to the game, we recommend you take advantage of the in-game help system.

By clicking on the flashing exclamation mark icon that appears at the bottom center of your screen you can learn how to complete various actions such as starting quests, initiating combat, searching bodies, and training your character.

For Downloading Game/Support/Issues:Please send an email at games@dsl.net.pk contact game moderators x1LLa, Tee or 3GGamer.

MBL WOW Arthas is amazing in many ways, but above all, it's a really fun game. Do you still need anymore reason to come too MBL 3Gsqr Pavilion.

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